Art-therapy workshops
Taming treatment spaces inside hospitals though art
Support community for cancer patients and their families

Our mission

is to support children and adults affected by cancer and other life limiting diseases to improve their quality of life and create the proper conditions for a normal life and to help them integrate in their original environment once the treatment is over.

What we do

Being sick does not mean you stopped being sensitive and talented, on the contrary.

Prin art-terapie deschidem un dialog creativ vindecator cu pacienții și aparținătorii și între aceștia, precum și între pacienți și personalul medical.

Our objectives

  • increase quality of life in hospitals and at home for cancer or other life limiting affections patients and their families by art-therapy activities, occupational therapy and psychotherapy;
  • improving the sense of well being and self image of patients through social, psychological and spiritual assistance;
  • assisting and being there for patients in their final months, weeks, hours as well as for their families and support for those mourning their departed dear ones;
  • support groups for children and parents;
  • support for talented children and adults in their different fields of interest (literature, visual arts, music, theater etc.) by creating special events for them. This way patients can develop a better self image and a sense of well being, motivating them to get better;
  • developing the professional abilities of different specialist to provide counseling and art-therapy for children and teens with cancer or other life limiting deseases as well as for their parents;
  • encourage community involvement in programs aiming to reintegrate children and teens with cancer and other life limiting affections;

Our Team

Mihaela Schiopu

Artist, art-therapy specialist with 4 year experience in art-therapy at the oncopediatrics ward of the Oncology Institute Alexandru Trestioreanu, Bucharest.

Ana Vasilache

Founding member of Totoro Association and Saint Lawrence Friends, with great skills in finding new innovative ways to make things happen.

Our Partners