Artistic intervention in the oncopediatrics ward
6+1 here & now

A project in partnership with Totoro Association, 6+1 here & now is meant for the oncopediatrics ward of the Oncological Institute Alexandru Trestioreanu, Bucharesr, to set a first step for a deep transformation of the environment and atmosphere inside the ward of the hospital where children and teens with cancer spend so much time. The project targets the darkest 6 hospital rooms in which are treated and live patients with most severe conditions.

6 rooms
customized & more human
1 frightful room
30+ workshops
of art-therapy for groups or individual
Innovation in product design for hospitals
Sensory Toys Makerspace 2.0.

Initiated by Totoro Association and cofinance by AFCN, the project proposes to create a prototype for a relaxation room (the natural room), filled with therapeutical and multisensory toys/objects/furniture, to continue the project started in 2017 when our same team designed and made the first Nobo-Nobo products.