6+1 here & now

The project aims to transform 6 hospital rooms in the oncopediatrics ward in which are treated and live the children with the most severe cancer stages.

Children and teens under treatment in the hospital know that these section of the ward had the darkest reputation, which frightens them. In the hospital community it is well known that in these 6 rooms many of the most painful moments have happened. As such, both children and parents get scared when they are presented with the option of moving to rooms 1-6.

Sickness segregates children and teens in two categories: the healthy and the ill, somewhere far away, in a world of their own, a world we do not want to know about. Certainly we would be less afraid if we could understand what is happening with these children and teens and their families. Our project targets by its end results (exhibition, album etc.) to open up the general public to their experiences. We are not equal to the ilness we have, We are more than that.
A fi bolnav nu înseamnă că ai încetat să fii sensibil și talentat, dimpotrivă. Avem experiența unor copiii care au avut primele lor expoziții personale compuse numai din lucrări realizate în spital, pe perioada internării. Cu atât mai mult, a vedea un interior de salon schimbat prin intervențiile artistice ale unui copil poate ajuta societatea să înțeleagă faptul ca acești copii trebuie susținuti și admirați.

Main activities

Making the 6 rooms more human, taming them through artistic means. 

Starting & sustaining a learning curve based on creativity by involving patients in art-therapy workshops.


Changing the image of these section of the oncopediatrics ward, a change which involves not only the visual representation but also the emotional representation within the hospital community.

Preparing the toys for art-therapy

We draw the patterns, we tailor, sew and fill the stuffed toys which will get their faces and souls from… more

The most beautiful stories are told in images

Step by step we get to know each other. We get to know the children, they get to know us,… more

Children’s creations from 6+1 here & now project

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