Sensory Toys Makerspace 2.0.

”Sensory Toy Makerspace 2.0” is a second step and an evolution from our team's anterior project and is set to create a prototype for a relaxation room (the natural room) filled with therapeutical, multisensory toys/objects/furniture designed and made under the strict supervision of Mihaela Schiopu.

All patients miss their familiar space from home. In the hospital they are surrounded by white furniture, they live in generic spaces and try to survive by adjusting. Our project intends to give patients a friendly space.
We call it "the natural room" because everything that which is natural and warm tends to increase our sense of well being, so necessary to all patients.
The natural room could also be used in homes for children suffering from chronic affections and who spend most of their time indoors, in one room, deprived of the outside environment. This room can lead to increasing comfort and well being levels.

The Natural Room

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Sensory Toys Makerspace 2.0

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